Exhibition graphics for The Wall at the End of the Rainbow, an exhibition curated by Natasha Marie Llorens that was presented at the Jan van Eyck Academy. The show presents the work of thirteen artists examining the infrastructures that allow us to see in a certain way and not in other ways. The exhibition graphics are presented on a mirror column located in the center of the exhibition. The names of the artists on this reflective surface, point towards the actual location of their work in the exhibition.

Handout for The Wall at the End of the Rainbow. This map uses the infrastructure of the exhibition space—the floorpan—as a grid for its content. The empty floor images on the map indicate the designated locations of the works in the exhibition.

Website for the artist, Ian Page. On this site, Ian’s works are presented as little machines, each having their own automated logic for behaving within this digital space.

Thing Instructions are a series of Instructional labels stuck onto things, products and technologies in public and private spaces, suggesting alternative approaches for their usage.

Excerpt from a tour given through the office, storage, printshop and street of Extrapool, an art space in Nijmegen. Together with the audience we acted out a series of Thing Instructions with objects at hand.

Contribution for Paco La Rosa, an exhibition initiated by Julien Baiamonte and Chloé Perrillat-Colomb. The prompt was to create a work that revealed an aspect about a fictional character called Paco. My contribution used a definition I found online that described Paco as both a rule- maker and breaker. This reminded me of a similar duality evident on traffic signs. The rules on the front regulate our movement through the street, while forbidden actions are expressed on the empty flipside.

The writer Christine Bax commissioned Youngeun Sohn and I to make a film based on a script she generated with twitter bots. Her bots tell a story about eight race cars infinitely racing on the rooftop racetrack of the old Fiat Lingotto Factory in Turin. Borrowing from the aesthetics of race car suits, our film visualises these bots as ghosts wearing twitter suits. The film was exhibited at Prospect and Concepts at Art Rotterdam 2020.

Meeting Point publishes artists' multiples distributed in a bi-monthly rhythm. MP is run by Emma Gregoline, Youngeun Sohn and I. You can find us on Instagram @m.e.e.t.i.n.g.p.o.i.n.t and www.meeting-point.net

Documentation from people that received Meeting Points’ sponge literature. It has to be watered in order to be read and each time dries up in a new sculptural shape. We distributed this lightweight object across all borders, upon request or wherever we pleased!

Pouring Light in a Bucket is a light installation that shines brighter the more water is poured into the leaking bucket. As the water slowly drips out of the bucket, the room gradually turns back into darkness. Made in collaboration with William Wheeler.

Music player that is navigated with eleven fingers. The number of fingers touching the screen determines which of the eleven songs is played from the list. Songs are organized in reverse chronological order, thus more fingers reach older dates. Made in collaboration with Ayham Ghraowi

Poster for Featuring Bazaar, a presentation showcasing 18 works based on the Harper's Bazaar archive.

Packed is a website exploring what compression means in the space of a browser. It consists of a series of pop up windows that shrink or expand their content as their windows get resized.

Black White is a mobile game that encourages collaboration instead of rivalry. In it two opposing players around the world are connected at random. To advance in the game, the two players have to work together to grow the territory of the map.

Video Installation for the drawings of Terry Winters, presented at the gala of the Drawing center in New York. In the installation, new compositions are created by crossfading his drawings at an extremely slow speed. Designed at 2x4inc New York. Partner: Susan Sellers, Design Director: Timothy Gambell, Design Team: Jacob Hoving

A Pile of overprinted objects announcing the Graphic Design Reviews at Yale. Each object announces one student. Made in collaboration with Ayham Ghraowi.

Pamflet for Thing-Deciding, a group that believes in the power of things to guide our decisions. Through a series Thing-Deciding methods, the phamflet explains how things can help us with different forms of decisions making. Made in collaboration with Ayham Ghraowi

Yale School of Art Paper is a self-published magazine with students’ contributions from the School of Art. The aim was to create a platform where work from all the departments could come together and share their voices. For this issue we asked students to create writing and imagery about fictional vegetables. Edited and designed in collaboration with Polina Vasilyeva.

Out of Order is a tool providing random prompts for sketching on new projects. This tool explores how chance can challenge my design process and push it into unforeseen directions.

Associative Driagraming is a mobile app that gives the user a set of random shapes for imagining hypothetical scenarios.

Selection of scenarios created with the mobile application.

Non-Linear Video player gives the viewer the ability to divide a video into smaller pieces until every frame of the video is played at once. The player creates a video experience where multiple moments in a timeline can be viewed at a single moment in time. Made in collaboration with Ayham Ghraowi.

Archiving Beauty is a Poster series that attempts to repair Yale’s deteriorated archive of Harper’s Bazaar, by pasting the latest issue over it. The series explores the contradiction inherent in archiving fashion. Monthly released issues displaying the latest beauty and fashion, are kept in an archive where they slowly become outdated, fade, and crumble.

Online Promotion for the Odds and Ends Art Book Fair at the Yale Art Gallery.

Scarf for the commencement of the Yale School of Art. The info for the commencement is presented as one long strip of movie credits, normally seen at the end of any movie.

Noteworthy Rides is a series of notes from memorable rides that I took with taxi drivers. The notes are overprinted on dollar bills and distributed through the circulation of money.

Out of Touch is a video imagining an interface that turns to darkness the more it’s touched.

Porch Filled with the Past is an animation in which an invisible silhouette reveals the physical past of an abandoned home.

Live visuals for a performance of the noise metal band the Dead Neanderthals. The visuals consist of a varying amount of horizontal and vertical lines. The lines can vary in their thickness and shake as hard as is necessary for creating visual terror. Performed during the Artnight Nijmgen at Extrapool. Made in collaboration with Ingo Valente.