You can contact me through:
[email protected]
+31 636 366 675

My name is Jacob and I run a design studio based in Amsterdam. I work on commissioned and autonomous projects across media such as websites, apps, tools, installations, live visuals, prints and public interventions. My practice explores how technologies determine the behaviour of people and how their rules can be stretched and circumvented.

Clients I have worked for include Nieuwe Instituut, W139, Extrapool, Jan Van Eyck Academy, Alfred University, Knekelhuis, Spill Gold, Ian Page, Christine Bax, Philipp Gufler, Yale Art Gallery, ADCN, Hazazah, Ahmet Polat, Rob Lücker and Navid Nuur. And while working at 2x4 for The Drawing Center, Sotheby’s, University of Oregon and Terry Winters. My work has been exhibited at Art Rotterdam, the Yale Art Gallery, Shenzhen International Poster Festival, Oddstream Festival, Artnight Groningen, DGTL Festival, Extrapool, and the Valkhof Museum.

I hold an MFA from Yale School of Art in New Haven (2017) and a BFA from Artez University of the Arts in Arnhem (2013). Currently I teach cross-media design at AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts and have previously thaught at St. Joost School of Art & Design and at Parsons School of Design.

My interests include loopholes, invisibility, hidden messages, communicative lights, improvised constructions, imaginary tools, dancing fingers, undecipherable diagrams, communication through time, long distance collaboration, blurred borders, pieces of a map, obstructed views, thing-power, things wearing things, predictions, superstitions, deterioration, warnings, packed spaces, overuse, escaped animals and artificial phenomena.

List motivating my work:
Look for the cracks in everything.
Blur divisions between this and that.
It’s hard to keep track of protocols, but thats fine.
Don’t fall in the trap of standardisation.
Don’t be afraid of stains.
Stop focusing on the facts.
Fight passive attitudes, they are poisonous.
Regret a laugh.
Pay attention to unknown signals.
It’s my point of view not reality.